Wouldn’t you rather borrow something you know you’re only going to use once? Instead of spending a potentially large amount of money on an item you only want for a weekend, appeal to your local San Diego community to lend you what you need for a significantly lower amount than what it would be to buy that item.

For example, you want to spend the weekend camping in the Cleveland National Forest. Your family of four has never been camping before and you aren’t sure if your young kids will enjoy the experience. To prepare for the trip, you need a four-person tent, backpacks, a stove, and other camping items. Add this all up and you have an expensive camping trip that you aren’t sure will be repeated. But instead, you join the sharing economy and use the Yuzit app to find these items and borrow them from your neighbors. What could have been a budget breaking weekend, turned into an outdoor adventure where your family spent time in nature and with each other.


This network of collaborative consumption allows users to test items out before they buy it. Now that your family knows for sure they enjoy camping, you can feel at ease spending money on purchasing the items you need for future trips. If you’re a lover of the Earth like we are, you’ll appreciate the fact that this is also a method of gaining experiences without waste. When two families can enjoy using one tent, there is less material out there draining resources. This is good for everyone’s wallet and the environment.


Our mission is to not only give people access to products and equipment that they need for one project but to connect San Diego together through this sharing economy. When we get to know our neighbors, their interests and hobbies, we are more likely to borrow again, either from the same user or another. This growing community allows everyone to become sustainable me

mbers with benefits for everyone involved. Whether you are borrowing or lending, you are able to either gain access to a product you didn’t have before or make money from an item you don’t use often and want to lend.

This is what the Yuzit app is all about. Want to give boating a try? Thought surfing looks fun? Need a video camera for a wedding? Don’t go to a retail store to buy a boat, surf board, or camera. Go to your neighbors to borrow it and save money! Learn more about how Yuzit got started and start connecting with other people in your local area today.