We all want to save money, right? We start by going out to eat less, buying fewer clothes, going on a less expensive vacation instead of going to a tropical island like we really want to, but there are also several things you can do today. It’s all about reusing as many items and products as you can, instead of throwing it out or donating it. The glass jars, clothing, bedding, and even takeout containers can be reused, and bonus: reusing these items helps to protect our environment! Start by downloading Yuzit’s sharing economy app and see what your local San Diego neighbors have what to rent what you’re looking to purchase.

Sharing Economy San Diego

Glass Jars, Containers, and Cans

Any type of sturdy containers like glass or aluminum can be reused in countless ways. Glass jars and coffee containers are perfect for keeping miscellaneous items or organizational tools in a bedroom, bathroom, or office. Reuse mason jars for a cute way to stay hydrated around the house or use them for canning food and sauces.

Gallon Jugs, Soda Bottles

Thoroughly clean out these items to keep them from getting anything else sticky and you have great containers for various projects. Two-liter soda bottles can be turned into bird feeders, food bins, and even shoe cubbies.

Dryer Sheets

The handy little sheets keep clothes smelling fresh and from sticking together and shocking us right out of the dryer, but they have several other uses after they come out. Use a small takeout container to keep the used sheets once they are taken out of the dryer and reuse them as mini Swiffer dusters. The sheets do wonders to picking up dust from ceiling fans, bookcases, and baseboards. Or stuff them in shoes to keep them smelling clean.

Yogurt Containers

Do you ever feel guilty for throwing out your yogurt container? Well, instead of throwing them in the trash, keep a separate bin (rinse them out first, of course) for the little guys and keep them for the spring when it’s time to start growing your garden from seeds. There are inexpensive seed starting containers in every garden store, but why not reuse a container instead of buying more? When the seeds start to grow, you can transplant them to large soup cans.

Yuzit’s Sharing Economy App

When you start thinking about it, it’s pretty simple finding easy methods to reuse items instead of tossing them. Another way to get additional use out of products and items is our sharing economy app. It works two ways: first, if you have an item sitting at home not being used, you can upload it to our app so that you can lend it to people; second, if people are looking for that same item, they can borrow it from you. This allows both parties to save and make money while reusing items at the same time.

Our first impulse is to buy our own stuff, even when we’re not sure we’ll use it very often. Our sharing economy app hopes to create a habit of borrowing and lending in order to help people save money and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about how our sharing economy got started here.