When you toss that soda bottle into the trash because you don’t see a recycling bin around, there might be a twinge of guilt, which quickly disappears because who likes walking around with an empty bottle in their hand? The problem may not be that one soda bottle, it’s all of the soda bottles that find their way to the trash can, and the egg cartons, newspaper, milk jugs, moving boxes, and so many other items that find their way to the trash instead of the recycling bin. At Yuzit, we want to revolutionize how we think about reusing, recycling, and buying products and equipment.

With our sharing economy app, San Diego residents can now easily borrow and lend a variety of products and equipment to establish and enhance a sustainable living mentality. One way we are already helping to lead sustainable lives is by recycling! But how much do you really know about this easy process? Before you toss something in the trash, check out this list of the most important items to recycle.

Sharing Economy San DiegoAluminum

According to an article by Treehugger, it takes 95 percent less energy to recycle than it does to create new aluminum. Your soda cans, car parts, and canned goods are all 100 percent recyclable and Americans toss close to $1 billion worth of aluminum cans each year. If you want to start somewhere, aluminum is a great place to start.

Newspaper, Magazines, and Mixed Paper

One of the most obvious products to recycle, paper takes so many different forms and many of them can be recycled. When comparing recycled and fresh paper, recycled paper saves 60 percent of energy and generates a lot less air pollution. Another jaw-dropping statistic is that recycling two thousand pounds of paper saves 17 trees and seven thousand gallons of water. So when you’re done with your daily or Sunday paper or magazines, put your recycle bin to good use!

Corrugated Cardboard

We go to local home improvement stores to buy cardboard moving boxes, UPS and USPS deliver boxes, retail stores are delivered goods in cardboard boxes, and much of this is not recycled. Yes, breaking down a big awkward box can be annoying and finding a recycling container that’s big enough to hold the broken down box can be a bit challenging, but isn’t it worth it?

Sharing Economy San DiegoHDPE Plastic Bottles

High-Density Polyethylene is a form of dense plastic and is used in milk jugs, shampoo bottles, laundry detergent jugs, bleach containers, etc. This type of plastic is labeled with a logo (three arrows that create a triangle) that is typically on the bottom of the container. Pay attention to the numbers inside the triangle, though. Numbers one and two can be recycled almost anywhere and three to seven can only be recycled in limited areas. Also, be sure to rinse the container to avoid contaminating the recycling process.

Recycling can take some time to really get in the habit of doing it consistently and efficiently, but when you do, it’s easy and it feels great knowing you’re helping the environment.

Another way of helping the environment is by joining Yuzit’s sharing economy app. Instead of purchasing a new product, whether it’s a tent, surfboard, or a mulcher, you can simply borrow the items from one of your local San Diego neighbors! The sharing economy is a growing industry, with everyone sharing the same goal: living a sustainable life.

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