sharing economyWe’re all becoming more and more aware of how we are living and how certain habits are affecting the world and the environment. From driving on busy highways when we could take rideshare to not recycling that soda bottle to throwing out leftover food that’s been spoiling in the refrigerator, there are hundreds of little things that we can do differently throughout our day. The people at Yuzit are no different, we are constantly looking for new ways to live sustainably so we can produce less and use products that can be recycled or reused. In an effort to build a world that focuses on sustainability, Yuzit created a sharing economy app that allows users to share what they already own with people looking for that same item, so they can, in turn, borrow items instead of purchasing them. So before you head out to the store for another grocery shopping trip, here are some sustainable living tips.

Sharing Economy San Diego

Think Twice Before Shopping

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a phrase that we are all probably aware of. It originally was coined in the 1970s, but it’s still just as important. It might not mean stay away from the grocery store, but ask yourself if you really need an eighth pair of jeans, a new TV for the bedroom, or all new party supplies for a child’s 10th birthday party. If you create a habit to save and reuse items, it will not only help prevent additional products to be manufactured, but will save you money. Use our sharing economy app to find items near you that you could rent instead of purchase.

Sharing Economy San Diego

Big Purchases Can Have Environmental Benefits

Don’t rush out to buy a brand new hybrid car just because you want to save on gas. Manufacturing these large items do take a significant amount of resources, so if you have a perfectly reliable standard fuel car, it will be just fine until the time does come when you need to replace it. But when you are in the market for a new car, consider a fuel-efficient model that is better on the environment. If it’s time to replace your washer or dryer, refrigerator, or water heater, look for an appliance that is energy star rated or consider a solar water heater. It might be a bigger upfront cost, but you’ll save money on your utilities and help protect the environment.

Sharing Economy San Diego

Avoid Plastic

We’re not trying to scare you away from using plastic, it is a challenge to be 100 percent plastic free, but being conscious and aware of how dangerous plastic can be is a good starting point. Know that wildlife such as birds, turtles, seals, and fish are all killed from either eating plastic or getting trapped in it. Simple steps like bringing cloth bags, or any other reusable material, to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags.

  • Use Tupperware containers to store or transport items instead of plastic baggies
  • Shop for unwrapped produce in the store
  • Avoid purchasing products packaged or made from plastic
  • Buy a reusable water bottle
  • Buy milk in glass containers
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle

Sharing Economy San Diego

Save Water

We all get in those situations where we’re out running errands and we want some water, so an easy fix is to grab a bottle from the mini-fridge at the checkouts. What we can try to make a habit of is walking to the bathroom and using the water fountain. Yuzit knows the excuses all too well: tap water doesn’t taste the same and water fountains are dirty. But if you take your time drinking from the water fountain, avoid the spigot, and wash your hands after, it should be just fine. Depending on where you are, tap water might not taste the same, but many times it has actually won taste tests and is cleaner than water bottles. At home, you can try taking shorter showers, fix leaks, choose low-water appliances, or xeriscape your yard, a technique of landscaping that uses plants that require less water and maintenance.

Sharing Economy San Diego

Drive Green and/or Drive Less

If you live close enough to a town or work, leave the car at home and ride a bike. You’ll get exercise, save money on gas, and protect the ozone layer. You can also consider carpooling, walking, or public transportation. We already discussed hybrid cars, but if you want to drive green with a standard fuel car, learn fuel-saving driving techniques and be sure to keep your tires inflated. Regular tune-ups for your car can increase fuel efficiency between four and 40 percent.

Sharing Economy San Diego

Keep A Green Home

Going green at home is a more than just the appliances you use, although that’s a great start. If you want to opt for more budget-friendly methods, make sure your home is insulated properly, there are energy-saving windows, use efficient light bulbs, and be sure to turn off the lights in rooms that you aren’t in. Keeping heat in the house during cold months and the AC in during hot months will save money and allow you to use less heat and AC.

Sharing Economy App

Yuzit’s sharing economy app wants to help people have a sustainable lifestyle by offering a way to share products and items that are already in people’s homes. If you’re looking for a lawnmower for a weekend, your neighbor may have one you can rent. Looking for a table saw to build a dog house? Rent one! Instead of making big purchases that you may only use a couple of times, look to your community to borrow the item.

The sharing economy has become a popular means of creating a sustainable and money-saving way of living. The team at Yuzit wants to do their part in helping to protect the environment and share our knowledge with others about sustainability. So the next time you’re researching a new electronic gadget or sports equipment, open your sharing economy app and see what is available next door. It’s easy to use, saves you money, and is one more step towards creating sustainable habits. Learn more about how our sharing economy app got started here.