It’s Time To Change How We Consume Things

Have you ever dreaded making a large purchase when you’re not sure if you will consistently use the product? Have you bought something in the past and it sits in the garage or in the closet without being used? Of course you have…we all have. In one area of the United States there’s a movement to change things and it’s in San Diego, CA.  Your neighbors across the San Diego region may be in the exact same situation. Americans as a whole are purchasers. We get psyched about going to the store and buying a lawn mower, a set of skis, or the best gaming system on the market just to use the product only a few times a year. These items sit in our living rooms, garages, basements, and storage units gathering dust. We keep telling ourselves, “we should use that more often,” but when was the last time you took your mountain bike out for a ride? What about that amazing new top of the line drill you bought at Home Depot and have used for a total of 6 minutes? Think about all of the seasonal items we use, that due to the very definition of when they are to be used, “seasonally”, are used rarely at all throughout the rest of the year. 

How often have you asked your neighbors if they have camping equipment that you could borrow for your once-a-year family camping trip? Have people asked you if you lend them your surfboard so they could test out the waters?  This two-sided situation where we have stuff that we don’t use, and other people want to test a product out or simply only want to use something once, has turned into an opportunity to create a sharing economy.

Break yourself from the habit of immediately going to the sporting goods store or the home improvement warehouse. Join your local San Diego community and share what you already have. Yuzit is introducing a new sharing economy app that allows you to easily rent products and equipment from neighbors instead of making a large purchase. What types of products are people putting on Yuzit?

Sharing Economy

Camping Gear & Outdoor Equipment

Two and a half hours from San Diego is the San Gabriel Mountains, under two hours is the San Bernardino National Forest, and just under three hours is Joshua Tree National Park. Do you need a break from the traffic and city life but are lacking the backpack, tent, stove, and other camping gear? People in your community might! With Yuzit, you can shop through products, find what you need, contact the owner, and you’re on your way to a camping weekend at a fraction of the cost of what it would have been if you purchased these items.

Sharing Economy

Sports & Recreation

Southern California has a multitude of outdoor activities that require expensive equipment. There are dozens of golf courses in San Diego, dozens of beaches for surfing, tennis courts, bike paths, and so much more. To enjoy these activities, it would cost a fortune to purchase golf sets, surfboards, tennis rackets, bikes, and rollerblades. With so many people spending a significant amount of money on items they may only use once, our sharing economy allows you to give tennis a try without spending $200 or more on a pair of rackets.

small equipment rentalTools & Home Improvement

This category may include some of the more expensive items. Chain saws, power tools both large and small, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and more; these items may not be used more than a couple times a year. You can spend around $400 on a pressure washer to get your deck ready for a family reunion, or you can rent one from a neighbor for $20. To save money on home construction projects you want to try your hand at doing it yourself, but after making a few purchases, you see the labor would have cost just as much as the equipment. Before you make a trip to your hardware store, shop at Yuzit. Your neighbor down the street may have exactly what you need.

sharing economy appElectronics & Gaming

We understand that most homes already have TVs set up and are used daily, but what about a digital camera you want to try for the weekend or need for a special occasion? Are the kids having an overnight party and the boys need their own gaming equipment for one room and the girls need another TV to watch a movie? When you only need certain items for a few days, don’t spend hundreds of dollars when you can borrow from other local San Diegans.


  • Tents, backpacks, stoves, hiking poles, sleeping bags, pads, headlamps
  • Surfboards, golf sets, mountain bike, helmets, skis, snowboard
  • Pressure washer, appliances, construction tools
  • Cameras, gaming systems, TVs, record players, drones

If you own any of these items laying around, unused at home, list them on Yuzit and you can make money off of them! With little work on your end, you can let your neighbors borrow what they need and you make money simply by sharing them.

Instead of going directly to purchase an item from a store, or listing equipment on Craigslist to sell, shop and list your unused belongings on Yuzit. The sharing economy app that brings people together through borrowing and lending products, saving and making money. Change your perspective on buying and selling and focus on borrowing and lending. Get started today with Yuzit!