Take a look around your home, in the garage, in the living room, or think about what’s being stored in your storage unit, and ask yourself how often you or your family uses the mountain bikes in the garage, the boat being stored, or your set of construction tools. If it’s been awhile since you put these items to use, do you want to finally get some use out of them in an unconventional way? Our sharing economy app wants to make this happen.

Over the years, you have probably purchased a few items that may have gotten used once or twice. You may have had great expectations for the surfboard, the nail gun, or the road bikes. Whether you tried your hand at fly fishing and didn’t like it, or didn’t have time for it, the items are still taking up valuable space in your home and you aren’t getting any value from them. At the same time, there are other people in San Diego who want to try the same things. Rather than letting your products sit at home unused and other people going to the store to buy the same thing, you can connect with each other for a mutual benefit.


This innovative app allows the community of San Diego to connect for a purpose. Yes, you can make money off of items that aren’t being put to use, and other people can borrow, gain experiences, and save money. A step above this collaborative consumption is a method of protecting our resources and the environment. There may be thousands of one item out in the world, but only so many are actually being used consistently.


Who doesn’t want a little extra income each month? If you have items laying around your home or storage unit that haven’t been used in a while, consider the impact you could have on your San Diego community by listing these items. It’s time to start connecting with those around us and working together to create a sharing economy that allows people access to products and experiences that would otherwise be expensive.

Start connecting today with your neighbors, start meeting people, and help make a sustainable world. The Yuzit app is easy to get started, easy to use, and you’ll see it’s easy to make money off of things that would otherwise be sitting around gathering dust. Learn more about how Yuzit got started here and start making money!