If you’ve ever been comfortably watching a movie during a storm and the power went out, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you’re all of a sudden in the dark and having to deal with fussy children who just want to finish the movie. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it’s surprising how quickly things can change when the lights don’t turn on when you flip the switch. So instead of breaking out the candles and flashlights the next time the power goes out, look for equipment rentals on Yuzit’s sharing economy app.

The power going out is probably the biggest reason to rent a generator, but there are several other reasons why renting a generator can save the day.

Equipment Rental San DiegoSaves Money

A home generator can cost anywhere between $200 on the low end to $2,500 to $4,800 on the high end, depending on the size, power supply, and manufacturer. If you have thousands of dollars laying around and a good chunk of space to store it outside, then purchasing may be a reasonable answer for you. On the other hand, many residential homes simply don’t have the space to store a generator or the money to purchase it. With Yuzit’s equipment rental app, you can easily rent a generator from someone in your own community at a fraction of the cost.

Try Before You Buy

A quick search for generators and you’ll find thousands of options and features, including runtime, number of outlets, and other factors like portability and cords set. If you need a generator simply to finish the movie, buying one can get unnecessarily complicated fairly quickly. If you know a big storm is headed your way, simple planning can ensure that your movie nights aren’t interrupted and you get the opportunity to test the equipment out before you buy your own.


Not all storms in the San Diego area are bad enough to need a generator, so even if you do decide to purchase a mid-range $1,000 generator, you may only use it a few times a year. When you choose to rent rather than purchase, you are free to use it only when necessary, instead of letting it sit unused. Not only are you saving money, you’re getting the most use out of the equipment that has already been purchased by your neighbors.

The next time you’re planning on renting a generator, consider borrowing from Yuzit’s equipment rental app. You can benefit from not having to spend a large amount of money on equipment you don’t need more than a couple of times throughout the year. In addition, when you purchase a generator, it will send a message to the manufacturer to build more. All of a sudden, San Diego is full of unused generators taking up space on homeowner’s lawns.

And that’s what Yuzit’s mission is all about. — to change consumer’s perspective on how goods and products are used. Instead of buying, borrow from a neighbor! It’s as simple as that!

Equipment Rental San Diego

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