sharing economyThere are two types of people: those who shop in stores and those who shop online. With busy highways, streets, and parking lots, and long lines even on the best of days, it can be easy to see why shopping online is becoming more and more common. From clothes and video games to groceries, families everywhere are benefiting from others who have put these goods online and made them easy to access, as well as affordable. What is becoming even more popular is the sharing economy and looking online for home rentals, sports equipment, and other home equipment rentals. So why do people love this method of shopping so much?


We touched on this briefly above, but convenience may be the number one reason why we pick up our phones or turn on the computers before we pick up our keys. If you’re looking for a new camera to bring with you on vacation, imagine how much time you would spend driving to various electronic stores, finding parking spots, talking with salespeople, and gathering enough information to make a purchase. With a few swipes of your fingers you could find the information you need, find the best price, place an order, and you still have more than enough time to take the kids to the park.

Equipment Rental San Diego


There are many cases where customers can find better prices on equipment rentals online than in person at a store. Websites offer coupons for ordering online and often products come directly from the manufacturer. This cuts out the middleman, making lowering the price beneficial for all parties. When shopping online, there are also numerous options available for the same item. You can quickly find a shop that offers the item you want at a lower price than their competitors.


Trying to find the right surfboard for you and your significant other to test out the waves with? Products like surfboards and snowboards can be a challenge to use when they aren’t the correct size for the person riding them. Shop online and find all the variety you could ever want. Choose a size and even find the color and pattern you want. Shopping in stores can leave you disappointed after you find the product you like, but the correct size is out of stock.

Equipment Rental San DiegoCrowds

A big deterring factor when considering how to shop is crowds. Big crowds can be pushy, unforgiving, and never-ending in large shopping malls and centers. There are people meandering the aisles, there are people in line for the dressing room, there are people waiting to check out, not to mention crowds in the parking lots and on the highways. Instead, sit down on your couch with your phone in your hand and shop away! Quickly and efficiently find the products you need in less time with less hassle.

Compulsive Shopping

Driving around, getting in and out of the car, walking around for hours finding everything we need can be exhausting, and there are constant temptations. We might be shopping for a mulcher for our yard projects and we’re faced with other lawn tools, garden soil, snacks at the checkout lines, or we become hungry so we stop at a fast food joint for lunch. When we’re out shopping, if we see something we want, it’s easier for us when we’re in the buying zone to simply pick it up and justify the purchase later. Impulse buys, even if it’s food, can destroy a budget.

Equipment Rental San DiegoUse Yuzit

With so many benefits of shopping online, it’s no surprise that the sharing economy and equipment rentals have taken off. However, with Yuzit, we’ve taken online shopping to the next level. Instead of making purchases for items you may only use once (like the surfboard that you thought you would love, but it turns out you hate the water), use our equipment rental app that allows you to rent the items before you make a big purchase. With items like that mulcher or the camera for your vacation, if you only need it for a weekend or for a few days, don’t spend hundreds of dollars when you could borrow it for a fraction of the cost.

How it Works

Bringing the San Diego community together, Yuzit strives to build a network of equipment rentals and products that people need, but don’t want to buy. Our nation is so focused on having everything, even if months after we have it, it’s left unused in the garage or the storage unit. Our sharing economy app brings people together with the sole purpose of sharing what we already have in order to produce less. You and your neighbors have a need for certain things and there’s a good chance that someone near you has it already. Find and connect with that person and everyone will benefit from the interaction.

Before you head out the door the next time you want to purchase a drone, camping supplies, or find home equipment rentals, look to Yuzit and your San Diego neighbors who may be able to help you borrow that item, save time, and money.