sharing economyOur consumer-driven economy has wonderful benefits for the country and families everywhere. But after taking a look around your home and finding items that you have purchased throughout the years that are gathering dust, have you ever thought of changing things up? We all want the biggest vehicles, the newest sports gear, and our own collection of tools in the garage, but how many other families are working towards the same goal? Instead of looking to purchase your next big item that you may only use a few times, consider looking to your San Diego community to borrow it. From home equipment rental to boats to textbooks, when you have access to these items, wouldn’t you rather save money and borrow instead of purchase? Don’t limit yourself to just borrowing big-ticket items though, there’s a large market out there full of products to connect people and help maintain a sustainable world. Here are just a few.

Equipment Rental San Diego

Sports Equipment

There are some incredibly adventurous people in San Diego who have wanted to experience every bit of adrenaline. So there’s a good chance that are homes in your neighborhood who have a piece of equipment that you want to try out. Have you ever wanted to try mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, camping, paddle boarding, or surfing? A durable and reliable mountain bike could cost around $500 to well over a $1,000. If you wanted to head to the mountains for the weekend to ski or snowboard, that would mean purchasing skis or the board, pants, boots, helmet, poles, and a warm coat and gloves if you don’t already have these. That could add up quickly for a weekend of adventure when you’re not sure about doing it again.

Camera equipment

Special occasions like weddings, graduations, or a big vacation deserve a camera to capture the moments with high quality images. When your iPhone just won’t cut it, but you don’t want to hand over up to $600 for a mid range camera, borrow it! Many of us use our phones as cameras because they are easy to carry, easy to use, and we always have it on us. Instead, get beautiful images with great quality without breaking your budget. Connect with people around you to find exactly what you need through equipment rental.

Equipment Rental San Diego


Sail boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, when we see them out on the water we can’t help but be envious and look into what it takes to purchasing a boat, the maintenance, and other costs that come along with it. According to, the first year of owning a boat could cost around $26,000, which includes the purchase, taxes, insurance, maintenance, storage, gas, and other expenses. Or you can borrow a boat from Yuzit users. You can still feel the wind in your face, the sun on your skin, and the taste of salt water at a fraction of the cost and without all of the stress of maintenance.


Students are already working with a tight budget, and the textbook industry is constantly coming out with new editions making selling them back after the class is over a challenge and it doesn’t always result in a large return. Economics, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and language textbooks are among the most expensive, ranging anywhere from $100 to over $500. If you can get by using an old edition, don’t spend your precious money on a book you will use for a semester.

Home Equipment

Many homeowners look for equipment rentals for renovation or remodeling projects. We take on these projects ourselves looking to save money on labor costs, but when the renovation requires a rotary hammer or hardwood flooring tools, these purchases may end up costing just as much. There are also many homeowners who don’t even realize that you can actually rent these products rather than purchasing them. With Yuzit, we are helping people connect with each other and inform them on the borrowing possibilities.


We strive to make equipment rental easy and efficient. By connecting people and offering them access to products so they can borrow instead of purchase, we are creating a market for collaborative consumption. When there are thousands of products out there, and we only use them a few times a year, wouldn’t it make more sense to work together and borrow these items from each other? Save money, protect the environment, and connect with other San Diegans in your community.

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